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Reiki Healing

Reiki can promote healing for any ailment.  It works well for stress, anxiety, tension, pain and acute or chronic problems due to injury, illness and disease.It can ease the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and help recovery from surgery.  With emotional problems and depression it can bring things to the surface that can be recognised and resolved.  

It is possible to benefit at any level of being: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Acute injuries can be helped to improve very quickly but more chronic illness takes longer.  Reiki can be given anywhere and at any time as no special equipment is needed. Your body decides the amount of energy it requires and I am a channel which the energy is drawn through. Neither person has to use any effort of will or concentration during this process

We provide Reiki Treatments and Reiki Courses/Attunements

A Reiki Treatment

Receiving a Reiki treatment is a very simple process. You simply lie on a couch and relax. If you are unable to lie down the treatment can be given in a sitting position, the main thing is for you to be as comfortable as possible. There is no need to remove any clothing as Reiki will pass through anything, even plaster casts. I gently place my hands non-intrusively in a sequence of positions which cover the whole body. The whole person is treated rather than specific symptoms.

Reiki flows to the areas of need, soothing pain and supporting the body's natural ability to heal itself. It restores the balance in your life.

Reiki Courses/Attunements

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy, an energy which is all around us. It is the name given to a system of natural healing which evolved in Japan from the experience and dedication of Dr Mikao Usui (d. 1926). There is no belief system attached to Reiki so anyone can receive or learn to give a Reiki treatment.

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